House Rules

Quick Instructions

Basic Rules

  • Check the volunteer whiteboard frequently
  • Separate the garbage as noted (see below)
  • Don't leave or stack personal items in the hallway or shared spaces
  • Follow Noise Regulation (see below)
  • Wear indoor shoes in the facility
  • Keep things neat and tidy for the next person when you leave the shared spaces
  • No smoking in the facility
  • No drinking alcohol in the facility
  • Emergency numbers :
    • 🚨Police: 112
    • 🚑Medical & 🚒Fire: 119
    • 🌐Foreign Language Emergency Center: 1330


Korean Govt is quite sensitive for separating trash and recycling in the home, and some items require paid disposal or need to be disposed at separate facilities.

  • Separate recycling and garbage as noted on the trash cans (especially food waste)
  • Empty/Clean all recycling
  • If you have a large amount of trash do not stuff it in the provided trash cans, you are responsible for disposing it appropriately
    • Convenience stores sell special garbage bags so city workers know which garbage to collect - you are responsible for buying these bags as required
  • You are responsible for paying any disposal fees for specific items as required
    • Specific items require pre-payment for “disposal stickers” from the community service center
  • The Korean waste management system is very complicated and can result in fines if not done properly - please ask any questions you have😊
Self Disposal of Waste
Type Materials Location
Separate Location Disposal Batteries, Light Bulbs, Medicine at Community Center
Cloths, Blankets, Textiles at Children playground
Large Size/Volume Large Garbage Bags, Boxes, Styrofoam, etc. parking lot area outside building
“Disposal Sticker” Required Large Electronics, Umbrellas, etc. see link parking lot area outside building

Noise Regulation

  • 📳 Quiet Hours : 23:00 ~ 07:00
  • No running in the hallways
  • Please slowly open/close all the doors
  • Laundry machine hours : 07:30 ~ 21:30
  • Don't throw around items making loud sounds (shoes, bags, etc)
  • Kitchen Hours : 5:30 ~ 14:30 & 15:30 ~ 23:30
  • Please be conscious of noise levels and other guests at all times. This is an old building with thin walls 😊


  • Washing machine and detergent in kitchen is free to use
    • Use only within Kitchen Hours
    • Do not leave laundry unattended
  • Drying racks are on the 4th floor (right side door)


  • Take off your shoes in the bedroom.
  • We provide Bedding (Blanket, Sheets, Pillow, Pillowcase), Hangers, and a Small Fan for each bedroom.


  • Hand soap is provided. Bring your own towels and toiletries.
  • Pick up your own hairs from the drain after shower use.


  • We provide rice and eggs and beverages (coffee/juice) that people can have anytime throughout the day.
  • Bowls, chopsticks, cups, plates and drying rags are provided in each room for personal use. They must be kept in the volunteers' bedroom.